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Kode ICD Bayi Makrosomia Bayi Berat Badan Lahir Besar BBLB

Kode ICD Bayi Makrosomia

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Makrosomia merupakan kondisi berat badan bayi yang lahir lebih dari 4000 gram. Kondisi bayi lahir dengan makrosomia mempunyai resiko cukup tinggi yang mungkin terjadi pada ibu maupun janin.

Kode ICD Bayi Makrosomia P08.0
Istilah lain kode ICD makrosomia : Bayi berat badan besar, BBLB

P08.0 Exceptionally large baby
birthweight; high, exceptionally (4500 grams or more)
large; fetus, exceptionally large

Dalam kode ICD kriteria bayi berat badan besar adalah berat badan bayi lebih dari 4500 gram.

Referensi Kode ICD :

P08 Disorders related to long gestation and high birth weight
When both birth weight and gestational age are available, priority of assignment should be given to birth weight.
Incl.: the listed conditions, without further specification, as causes of mortality, morbidity or additional care, in fetus or newborn

P08.0 Exceptionally large baby
Usually implies a birth weight of 4500 g or more.
Excl.: syndrome of:
          infant of diabetic mother (P70.1)
          infant of mother with gestational diabetes (P70.0)

P08.1 Other heavy for gestational age infants
Usually implies a birth weight >90th percentile for gestational age or 4000 g or more at term
Other fetus or infant heavy- or large-for-dates regardless of period of gestation.
Excl.: syndrome of infant of:
          diabetic mother (P70.1)
          mother with gestational diabetes (P70.0)
          Birth weight of 4500 g or more (P08.0)

P08.2 Post-term infant, not heavy for gestational age
Fetus or infant with gestation period of 42 completed weeks or more (294 days or more), not heavy- or large-for-dates. Postmaturity NOS